Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Psalm 107:1-32Jeremiah 23:1-8Romans 8:28-39John 6:52-59

I believe all four readings for this day reveal a theme of hunger for God which will ultimately be satisfied.

Psalms reminds us that in our humanness we will experience discontent, injustice and trials of rebellion against our loving creator. When we acknowledge our dependence and repent we can be assured of a love relationship with God that blesses and satisfies our deepest yearnings.

The prophet Jeremiah condemns the leaders of the times and reveals God’s promise to send a favored one to His scattered chosen people to gather them once again under a reign of righteousness, mercy and justice.

John’s verses follow the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Now Jesus explains the intimate relationship between His father and Himself which accounts for the mystery of Jesus’ spirit-filled life. We too can access a spirit-filled life now and for all eternity. Jesus calls himself the Bread of Life, the source of everything that nourishes, everything that is life-giving, in body, soul and spirit. When we develop a willing relationship with Jesus, we assimilate Him into our lives, like food into our bodies. He lives in us. We are united, as He is with His father. These verses also point to the mystical body where all who believe are united in Christ. How this recognition reflects our sense of inner-being and communion with one another!

I used to hate making decisions because even my best ones rarely seemed to work out according to my plans. In Romans we are assured that God works out His plans in us and we can rest in the satisfaction and security of knowing that He is in the midst of everything. Now I make decisions with certainty, knowing God is mindful of me, and His love will see me through.

Rosie Jarman

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