Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Psalm 102Jeremiah 23:9-15Romans 9:1-18John 6:60-71

Jeremiah writes “concerning the prophets: My heart is broken within me, all my bones shake” (23:9). Jeremiah is extremely upset because of immorality in the land, ungodliness, wickedness, and the prophets’ evil course. Sometimes I feel like Jeremiah when I dwell on the social and economic injustices in the world, violent actions among us, wars in many lands and the very few prophets among us who address these issues in the way that Jesus has taught us. So many of us do not listen, believe, nor heed the prophets of today bringing the message of God. How can we identify the “true” prophets? Are they the ones who speak “the truth” as we understand it even though most do not accept or agree with their pronouncements? For me, true prophets speak on issues of justice, equality, and peace and their teachings are congruent with those of Jesus.

God set watchmen on our walls
To warn against oncoming dangers;
If we do not heed their calls
We’ll fall into the hands of strangers.
Those enemies of God who want
To maim, kill and destroy us all:
God sent His watchmen to the front
To warn us so we will not fall.
If they should not sound the alarm
stain our prophets’ hands;
They are to warn God’s whole realm
When it’s attacked by evil bands.
Please listen for their bugle sound_
Take heed when they admonish; call;
Make sure you are not sleeping found
When they cry warnings from the wall
Belinda van Rensburg
Glen Peterson

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