Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday of the Third Week of Lent

Psalm 87Jeremiah 13:1-11Romans 6:12-23John 8:47-59

Paul struggles as he admonishes the Romans to understand how powerful faith can be. Christ’s message has set aside the slavish following of the Law as a way to God and has instead told us that we must believe to let God into our hearts and our lives. It is a free gift and brings through Jesus Christ the promise of eternal life.

Rattling oak leaves
Battered by wind
The mystery of sound
Scratches my soul.

What do I know
Of God the invisible?
The ground of our being
Is founded on faith.

The believer, the cynic,
Proclaiming their certainty,
Their absolute surety,
Are they both the same?

So why do we place
Him in boxes?
Tie him with ribbon
Or just empty the box?

Your surety frightens
The fearful away
But questions are left
On the wind, in the night.

The whisper, the stillness
The emptiness calls me.
God is as vast
As the star strewn sky.

God is as close
As the kiss of my breath
My heart is made whole
By the storm of his love.
Alice Turner

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